Music Delivery Service

Get Your Music Out To Radio, DJ’s and Podcasters

Are you ready to get your music serviced to radio, DJ’s and Podcasters?  As you know by now radio stations are no longer accepting CD’s only because they all operate from a digital platform.  So unless you have the email address to the program directors and music directors it can very hard to get your music in the door.
No need to fret ... The Internet Broadcaster Alliance can help!  We have those email address to the decision makers at radio stations, Club and Street DJ’s and Active Podcasters.  Our email blast have a 85% open and download ratio.  

How It Works
You send us the wav and mp3 of your current single and artwork along with your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles then, our team will design your email blast.  Once your email is approved by you, we’ll send your music to our database of stations, DJ’s and Podcasters.  
All emails are sent on Tuesday’s and Thursdays before 5pm.  Through our research we’ve found that email are open at a higher rate on these days.  We will send your email blast out 3 different times and days to get maximum penetration and downloads of your current track.
At the end of your your campaign we will send you the report of all the stations that open and downloaded your music.  At that time you can follow up with the stations and start checking the growth of your music. It’s that simple.   Call Us Today an Get Your Music Spinning!

Pricing $200.00

  Example Blast

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