The Official Indie R&B Chart

TW  LW Artist Song Title Label Spin
1   9 Kevin Ross Look My Way Art Society / Empire 2530
2   1 Ledisi I Need To Know (3 Weeks At #1) BMG 2493
3   4 Babyface As A Matter Of Fact ECAF/P Music Group 1903
4   5 Jimmie Allen Forever Stoney Creek Records 1827
5   6 Johnny Britt /Will Downing Butterflies J-Mams Records 1775
6   3 Danny Boy This Song Chicago Creed None
7   7 AgapeSoul /Daryl Anders Breathless Agapesoulmusic LTD None
8   8 Brownstone Aint No Mountain High Enough WIRF Media None
9   2 B Golden You Got N/A None
10   10 Chris Jasper It Started With A Kiss Gold City Records None
11   14 October London Back To Your Place Death Row Records None
12   12 Tyrese Dont Think You Ever Really Loved Me Voltron None
13   15 Dante Bowe Hide Me True Music None
14   18 Will Downing Love On You N/A None
15   17 Jeffrey Dennis/Frank McComb Missing You Powamm None
16   11 Lindsey Webster Im OK Shanachie ENT. None
17   21 Braxton Cook Wish You Well N/A None
18   24 Raquel Rodiguez I'll be Around Blue Dreams Records None
19   19 Castella I Saw You Castella Music None
20   20 Lanston Lyric Never Get Enough Of Your Love N/A None
21   29 Musiq Soulchild Beat Of A Slow Dance SoulStar Records None
22   22 Tank and The Bangas Communion In My Cup Verve Forecast None
23   27 Jai'len Josey Good Soup Hilman Grad Records None
24   NE Diamond Pynk / Gene Noble Stuck Chicago Creed Music 310
25   16 Bey Bright More Than Friends Bright Vision Ent. None
26   25 Will Wheaton The Lady in my Life N/A None
27   28 Coco Jones / Leon Thomas Until The End of Time High Standards None
28   30 K Rob Slow n Sexy Bull Intentsity Records None
29   NE Alex Vaughn / Muni Long IKYK LVRN Records 294
30   NE Angie Stone Kiss You Copnjunction ENT 210
31   EX DVSN Touch it OVO Sound 190
32   EX John Reid I.O.U. Rezzonator Music Limited 188
33   EX Cecily Wilborn Southern Man N/A 175
34   EX Jonathan McRenyolds Able MNRK Records 170
35   EX Angel Chrisztina Don't Mind Me NiVe ENT Grp 147
36   EX Charlie Bereal / Tweet Makings of You BeRealENT 144
37   EX Bey Bright Just A Little Bit Bright Vision Ent. 140
38   EX Usher GLU Gamma ENT 127
39   EX Frank McComb Learn How To Love N/A 115
40   EX J' Cenae Im No Side Piece Lover N/A 100

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The Indie Artist of the week

Castella Castella

Today marks one year since the Castella launch!! The journey continues for me! What a year I’ve had! Looking back on my year, I’ve made so much progress in the right direction. I’ve had a few hiccups along the way, but I pressed my way through...through tears, anger, disappointment, confusion, more anger, sadness... I found joy, some light in my tunnel, because certainly, I am not at the end.

So what in the heck happened? 

The first blow was being asked to resigned from my Executive job of about two years. Things had become weird, political...not cool, but I never envisioned someone completely giving up on me. It stung, it hurt, it still does... it was unimaginable because I, had always played it safe, taking the job was risky because the person in charge could come in one day and essentially say, I don’t like you anymore, please leave. That happened to me and I was shocked by it, but not surprised.  Especially when you’ve seen what you’re dealing with. But there I was, faced with the decision to go look for another HR job or put a bow on this career and do something else. But what else am I good at? I had just finished the EP. I’ll admit, I was a little afraid to put myself out there and start performing, but I had no choice, this was my time, my window had opened, the door had closed, a giant hole had been blown out and well, it was time to make the exit, escape from my safe career...I escaped.

A few things happened... I started hanging out in the music community, meeting people, introducing myself. Hanging out with my good friend Charlotte mostly...she let me tag along... it was awesome! Me out, at a bar, on a Monday night, a Wednesday night, sometimes Thursday, shoot everyday, supporting other singers and musicians. No one had really heard me sing, except Char and she always pumped me up.  This went on for a bit, until Darryl said, your EP has been out for a while now, you need to get out there...he had complete confidence in me and gave me the sweet nudge I needed.  I believe it was September or October 2019, my Sorority sisters went to an event at a local jazz spot and took pictures with the artist afterwards. He looked nice, after all, he took pics with my Sorors!! So I took it upon myself to send him a message asking to open up for him. To my surprise, he responded! Oh shoot!! I wasn’t ready! What if he says, come open up Saturday...I didn’t call him!! Once I got myself ready, fear set in a bit. Fast forward to church one Sunday, I believe this was late October, my pastor’s message touched me. He said, take action, that action could change your life! It was time to call, so Monday morning, I got up the courage and I called him. He called me back! Even after I failed to follow through on two occasions!

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