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Radio Promotion


The IBA is committed to supporting independent artists and record labels as they navigate through the musical landscape  We understand the challenge of getting airplay on your local station is next to impossible and/or extremely expensive.

In the present-day music industry landscape, securing airplay as an independent artist or in some instances as an independent record label, is a challenge without an extremely well-known publicist, manager, or a heavyweight radio promoter on your team. The average independent artist or label rarely has the luxury to spend $20K to market and promote a record.  For this reason, some of the best music is never heard on commercial radio, the fraternity of handshake deals, promises that can break and no guarantees of anything.  Globally, music fans agree that the internet is where the interesting and important music of today is getting aired.

The IBA is a cost-effective alternative to commercial radio! It allows the artist or label to test, assess, expose and promote your new music to fans and music lovers.  Each IBA radio station is owned and operated by experienced radio professionals with a commitment to exposing their audience to the best new music and assisting in the launch of new artists. IBA radio stations cover a wide array of formats such as, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Smooth jazz and Gospel.

The IBA can aid in getting the exposure your music deserves, building your brand and Social Media At present, the IBA collectively reaches over 3M global listeners daily and growing. All IBA radio stations are registered with  ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange thereby generating royalty payments.


The IBA “D.A.M.P. (Digital Artist Music Program) is a multi -station initiative thats’s 70% less than a monthly marketing and promotions budget for other forms of radio


IBA’s D.A.M.P provides:

•  A minimum of 250 - 300 spins per Week!   12 week Radio Campaign

•  Weekly reports of the stations playing your music, their locations and the spins you're receiving


• We work with Spotify curators to ensure you get In the algorithms for more streams

•  Opportunities for artist features,  promotions and interviews

•  Social media (Twitter) post each time your record is played!

•  Our weekly reports may provide artists leverage to present to radio stations, talent bookers and DJ’s.

Most IBA stations will post to Twitter each time your music each time it is played not only to the IBA listener base but to your new fans as well.  IBA recommends artists maximize their social media imprint by retweeting our postings and alerting your followers/fans to request your song on the respective radio station.


Establish and Expand Your Brand ....

We suggest you regularly connect with IBA’s Director of Operations via phone or email with information we may use to promote artist activity such as TV appearances or performances, tour dates and community events. Internet Broadcaster Alliance is very passionate about music and exposing it!  For more information, call us to assist in meeting your goals at 704-657-9997

Remember, the more airplay you get, the more money you make on your writing and/or publishing and the more popular you become.  Many commercial radio decision-makers, industry influencers and major label executives monitor digital radio airplay.


Let’s Get Serious Here People ..... (Straight Talk)

Getting your music played on radio is the hardest part of your music journey.  You're saying if someone would just take a chance I could sell my music and start to work doing shows etc.  Well with the IBA we not only help you get exposure but we give you ammo to fight any terrestrial radio battle.  

The first question at radio is ALWAYS what does your social media and web present look like?  Normally, most leave that meeting with their head in their hand.  Well, now we give you the reports and the social media activity to bring to any meeting.  Most of the stations in the IBA Tweet out your music every time they play it!  Not only to their fans but to your fans as well.  You should make sure your retweeting and telling your followers to request your song on whatever station.    

Making Your Money Work For You .... 

Once your music gets in the system you will be required to do Drops for requesting stations which will be played on all these station keeping your name out there.  Interviews request are normally sent out  around the 300 -500 spin overall mark.  Be Ready all of this is timely stuff!  Have a studio on deck you can go in to cut these drops also, be prepared for the interviews.  Be polite, Know all your info i.e. Social media handles, be conversational. Most stations complain that the artist wasn’t ready or they called in late.   None of this is good!   All these programmers talk to each other you don’t want your name to be in a bad light when they speak about you. 


You’ll have all the stations info that’s playing your song so you can stay in touch with them about the growth of your record.  (Remember this if you don’t check up weekly on your music this program won’t work for you. Most stations will stop playing your music if you’re not checking up on it!  This is business people (You Must Be Serious.)  Every Station has a music day it's up to you or your team to find out that day and call in on those days. 


Remember the more airplay you get the more money you'll make on your writing / publishing and the more popular you become (hint: The Goal here is to become an internet star) it will spill you over to your local radio and beyond.  


The IBA will give you support on growing your record.  We follow your growth of your single for the entire program one of our pros will speak with you if needed to give you other ways to maximize your growth. Know that your not alone in this musical journey.


Make sure you music is on all digital platforms (ITunes, Google play, Spotify,  CDbaby, etc.) Internet Radio is a digital platform and most people buy music direct from their cellphone the same place they stream all these stations.  Don’t get caught .... not ready for your new fans.  Most people will only come ONCE looking for your music!  The chance they will come back is slim to none upload your music before you get the radio play.  

If you’re NOT a member of one of the performance organizations do it now BMI ASCAP or Sesac SIGN UP TODAY!  As a writer and publisher of your music this is the  INSURANCE POLICY for your music.  If you don't sell a ton of music at the very least you’ll get the performance money for the airplay!  No Money if you don’t Sign up so, do it RIGHT NOW!

This is just a little cheat sheet for you music makers ... use it to your advantage!  Everyone here at the Internet Broadcaster Alliance is very passionate about music and exposing it!  Call us and let us help you meet your goals 704-657-9997